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Dakaiya Maiya Kana, Babu Akash of Kolkata

Calcutta singer Akash Sen of India, who composed a dual song with the musician Kanaar of Bangladesh.

Recently the music video of the song titled ‘Dhakaaya Maia Kolkata Babu’ has been made. The song is being published on the occasion of Durga Puja. This song of Nazir Mahmud and the theme of this song is different from the subject and language. Samia Haque has been modeled on its video.

The song is sung in Old Dhaka, and Akash Sen has sung in Kolkata. Shahin Khan made video in the banner of Jays Entertainment.

On the song, Kana said, I got to enjoy singing for the first time in Old Dhaka. Hope the audience will like the song.

Akash said, I have already sung a lot of songs in Bangladesh. However, this song song, tune, music and video is very much liked. Nazir Mahmud made a great song in the language of Kolkata and old Dhaka.

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