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Customers are turning away from Grameenphone!

Grameenphone, the country’s largest mobile phone operator has been at risk since the launch of mobile number portability or MNP on 1 October last year. The operator has lost the number of subscribers since the launch of the service in the past four months October 018-January 2015.

According to a report published by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission BTRC on Thursday.. the total number of subscribers operating in the last four months has changed to 1 33 621. Of these, 62 thousand 317 subscribers have withdrawn from Grameenphone.

In the last month, more than Grameenphone subscribers went to other operators. Grameenphone has left 12 thousand 659 subscribers this month. Robi left 3 thousand 505 Banglalink 10 thousand 836 people and 448 left Teletalk. In January 27 448 subscribers changed their operators.

Various operators complain that since the MNP was going on when most customers were going out of the Grameenphone, the operator was locked up on the pretext of the operator. This image is also clear in the BTRC report. The regulatory body says that,

in the last four months, 39,857 subscribers were barred from leaving the Grameenphone.

However, the number of subscribers coming from Grameenphone to other operators is not rosy.

In the last four months, only 12,346 subscribers came from Grameenphone from other operators.

At the time, 23 thousand 911 people went from Robi to another operator. 14 thousand interrupted operator changes And other operators have come to Robi, the highest number of 93 thousand subscribers.

Banglalink changed the number of 45,000 subscribers to another operator.

44 thousand subscribers have been interrupted for change in operators By changing the operators Banglalink came to 25 thousand subscribers. Teletalk has released 2,301 subscribers. And 2,000 subscribers came to Teletalk.

On October 1 last year, MNP service was launched but officially opened on October 21. As a result, the operator of one operator can go to other operators by keeping the previous number correct.

The service is available in different countries of the world.

And recently the cost of the operator was reduced to 58 rupees. Previously the cost was 158 taka. On January 13, the National Board of Revenue NBR issued a notification regarding this.

In context, the consortium of Bangladeshi and Slovenia businessmen is offering MNP services in the Infocailial Teletalk BD.

Initially the cost of operator change is 158 rupees, but now the subscribers receive this service at Tk 58.

When contacted, the operator refused to give a formal statement if he wanted to know about the loss of Grameenphone customers.

However, the highest number of subscribers founder Robi Axiata Limited Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Saeed Alam said,

We believe that the number of subscribers chosen by MNP has been chosen by MNP because of the quality of our network and service..

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