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Cranky freak Understanding liability Saying money is

Cranky freak Understanding liability Saying money is worth millions! But if this is a sample of hobbies, then think about the sum of the property in vain. At the same time, the vast difference between rich and poor in the world becomes apparent. Let’s get acquainted with some of the world’s billionaire Celeb’s homes. The eyes are bound to be on the forehead.

1. Madonna
Let’s start with Popster Madonna. The Material Girl has a whole island in Dubai. Island is the last word of luxury Celest Architect Joachim Torres created the whole island. Name World Islands Why? Because the island is seen from above, the map of the world. Has all the countries On the island there is a 1,400 meter private beach for pop empress. Madonna’s living room on the island has been built under the sea floor. Dolphins roam around the glass.

2. Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani, the home of Reliance Industries, is the world’s most expensive house. Chicago’s architect Parkinson and Will built the house. The house would have been 60 floors easily. But Mukesh’s house was made to 27 floors. It is understandable that ceiling height Antilia is created in such a way that there will be nothing but Antilia earthquake with 8 intense magnitude on the Richter scale.

3. George Clooney
Seeing the palace of Hollywood star George Clooney but eating bananas. The name of the palace of Cluny in the lap of the beautiful beautiful nature of Italy’s Kumbo lake is Olindra. There are a total of 25 rooms. There is also a swimming pool, outdoor theater and a special garage. Special, because the cloan garage has many expensive motorbikes from home and abroad.

4. Mani Pakiyao
Philippine Boxer Manny Pakaya’s Palace is located in Beverly Hills, California This 10-sqft house has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. There is also a 20-seat private theater.

5. David Copperfield
Let’s introduce the world’s richest wizard. Copperfield, the owner of a Bahamas island in Bahamas. In all, this rich magician bought a chain of 11 islands. Every island is a litter of luxury.

6. Johnny Depp
Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has bought an entire village in southern France. Johnny Depp’s palace across 37 acres of land in the village. He spent the 10 million dollars in the village himself. Guest coats, bars, golf courses, restaurants – all are there.

7. Become Cart Russell and Goldie
The Hollywood star Kurt Russell and Goldie Hanna, Canada’s Vancouver, Vancouver. There are no obstacles to children’s hockey careers, so two celibates have gone to Canada. Their house like the old palace of 5 bedrooms. Gym with a huge space. There are theaters, sophisticated kitchens, 11 fireplaces. This palace is very hot in Canada’s heavy winter.

8. Amal and George Clooney
If you see the house of George Clooney, then if you look at the house of Clooney in Britain’s house about his current wife Amal! This house at Berkshire has 9 bedrooms, a pool, pool house and private theater.

9. Vladimir Putin
The type of living conditions of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be revealed on the Internet. Luxury, adventure, he is a royal affair. Russian President also has a sophisticated luxurious palace in Spain. Spain’s La Jagaleta. La Jagaglita is Europe’s most expensive real estate Excellent view of Gibraltar valley with spa, gym, piano bar, cinema hall, waterfall. Putin’s palace made in all.

10. Jack mother
The e-commerce company Alibaba owner Jack Ma, the richest person in China. Jack Ma’s luxury bungalow in Hong Kong costs 193 million US dollars. Mukesh Ambani’s world’s second highest-priced home after Antilia This 10,000 square feet bungalow has a beautiful garden of 20 thousand square feet

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