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Complaints of foreign artistes coming to Bangladesh in tourist visa

Complaints of foreign artistes coming to Bangladesh in tourist visa, without permission to work, are quite old. This has happened due to the shooting of many times due to the closure.

In Sylhet last month, due to lack of permission for work of foreign artists in Sylhet, the shooting of ‘Love Maar 2’ directed by Vidula Bhattacharya of Calcutta was shot.

The hazard that happened before. However, it is not possible to work in foreign artists without permission. Foreign tourists are going back and working secretly in ‘Tourist Visa’ and returning to work abroad. One of them is Kolkata actress Pavel Mukherjee.

Recently, the news came out that this Indian actor took part in shooting at a music video titled Ashiq Akbar’s ‘O Maiya Roopar Maiya, Chal Baisne Paliai’ directed by Saikat Nasir of Bangladesh and musician. The music video shooting of the Rangamati Sagake.

Later, he participated in the shooting of another music video directed by Osman Miraz in Sylhet. The sources said they are currently living there.

Many reliable sources of entertainment said that Pelle has come to Bangladesh with visa to the category ‘tourist’ category. Specifying the tenure of the ten-day period, the visa mentions that he can visit Bangladesh only once (single entry).

Visas are written that he can not do any wage or wage work while staying in Bangladesh. The actress, who is shooting in front of her, is not doing it well.

Former Director General of the Guild, SA Hawk Allaik told banglanews, “I do not support participation in shooting without the permission of foreign artists.” Those who worked with these rocks without any permission should respect their state. Because they are working to comply with the rules.

“We do not know the case of Pavel Mukherjee yet. If we knew, we would take action on the matter. If the matter is true then it is tragic, ‘he added.

When contacted, director Saikat Nasir told Banglanews that on October 6, Pyaell Mukherjee was involved in shooting for Sajaki with us. But suddenly Asif (Asif Akbar) was sick due to illness, we stopped shooting only a part of the song. Then we shoot another song with different artist. But I do not know if Pelé is allowed to work.

Paleel Mukherjee starred in the film ‘Captain Khan’ released on Eid last Eid. Calcutta’s ‘Michael’, ‘Leela’, ‘Kya Kuntla’ are also being discussed in several films.

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