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Chanchal and Jaya read the news of the night at 10pm on television

Goddess’ Before the release of the film was a fancy technique. Chanchal Chowdhury and Jaya Ahsan read the news on Friday for the release of ‘Debi movie waiting for release on Friday…

On Wednesday (October 17th) at 10pm, when the audience sat on a private TV screen to watch the news, suddenly, actor Chanchal Chowdhury and actress Jaya Ahsan are seen.

On 10th of the night, the news of the news of the news of Chayanal and Jaya as a professional news reader was very fluent in the television.

It is known that the private television is the broadcasting partner of the movie ‘Devi’, which is why the actor and actress presented live news to show the audience new surprises…

Seeing Chanchal Chowdhury and Jaya Ahsan there, I did not even think that they were not real professional news readers. Thoroughly they were calling it one, news of the political situation of the country, the important national level news.

In this context, Chanchal Chowdhury said, “Newspaper planning is very fancy. Because I did not even have my own head to read news as well as traditional media for film promotion. The newsmen have responsibly prepared news for the public, news readers also took the responsibility to read the news by watching the cameras on their seats. I have come to know about these days, I have realized in my body. This experience never forgets. Thank you very much for the news of Television News.

Besides, Jaya Ahsan said, “We all finaliz=e the news of the meeting according to the planning of our marketing consultant. Television news division team is quite well-organized. I did not have any kind of worry. Moreover, I have come to believe that this place of the press is of great honor, very holy. So I did not want to read the news. I went to the newsroom with enough mental preparation…

Chanchal and Zaya, this fancy technique has already stirred a lot in the audience. In addition to the different stars, the visitors in the social media give their posts, greetings and greetings..

In the movie ‘Devi’, the famous character= of the novel Humayun Ahmed, in the famous role of Miss Ali Ali Chanchal Chowdhury will be seen. Chanchal Chowdhury and Jaya Ahsan read the news on the private television channel Maasranga screen at 10pm on Wednesday for the promotion of ‘Debi’ movie..

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