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Caution of staying home

Dhaka: You have a home. Think of the nesting is empty, let it be rented without leaving it. There will be some money available in it.

So he can not be rented home. If you rent a house without knowing the details, you may sometimes have to face any problem with legal problems.

Again there are reverse events. You may also need to rent a home if needed. If you rent the house without knowing the details of the landlord, many problems are waiting for you. So look for some fixed minds in renting and taking home.

Remarkable for Renting Home

1. If someone wants to rent your home know as much as possible about him. Learn about his career, income sources other people or family members with him.

2. Save all information, including rentals, to a form.

3. Be careful to take a meal provided by the tenant. The tenant can steal everything in your home by eating sleeping medicine with food.

4. Be more cautious about renting a home to bachelor women or men. Do not rent the house without being sure about their nature character and income source.

5. Try to make sure that the tenant is involved in any anti-social, criminal activity. The tenant involved in criminal or anti-social work can put you in a bizarre situation.

6. If there is any activity of the tenant, such as not staying at home in the house, not allowing anyone to enter the house, the suspicious person in the house, the abnormal words in the house, screaming, smell, etc. If you need to, check the matter quickly to the police.

7. Regarding logistical solutions through minor issues, such as water, electricity, gas, garage usage, roof usage, and non-discrimination with the tenant.

8. Refrain from leasing money to the tenant or trading with him.

9. Please sign both details on the details of the rental agreement agreement. If you want to stay after the deadline mentioned in the home rental contract, you can make a new agreement.

10. Residential areas should not be rented to the business organization, so avoid yourself from such activities.

11. Avoid lending, furniture gold ornaments pots chair tables, etc. Similarly, discourage the tenant from using your furniture, gold ornaments, potsheros, chair tables.

12. If the tenant has left the house before it is possible please know more about it.

13. Follow all the official rules of renting a home.

14. If the tenant is a deceiver, you can show a variety of temptations. Do not fall prey to such temptations.

15. It is logical to not allow any relatives or acquaintances of the tenant to stay in their home. It is advisable to abstain from such practices of both parties.

16. Be careful about whether there is a dispute between the tenant’s workmanship and your workmanship. The landlord is one of the reasons for the tenancy relation between the two home workers.

17. Always give the acknowledgment letter on rent and keep a copy of the tenant signed by yourself.

18. Refrain from renting a home to a tenant without furniture.

19. Along with the arrival of the new tenant, please inform the concerned thana with the information.

Notable for home renting-

1. Considering the existing security arrangements of the rental house. Then decide whether the house is surrounded by a Cicamara gatekeeper and a house surrounded by a wall.

2. Electricity, gas, water can always be found. If possible contact the other tenants to know the information.

3. Learn about Landlord. Find out if you have a landlord’s mind-mentality.

4. Write down all the conditions in the contract. Know how much you pay for water, gas, power bills generator bills, and Darwans. Write down the agreement to know how to adjust the repair and advance money.

5. Speak once with the landlord before renting a house. Depending on the caretaker’s point of view, it is not immediately possible to rent a house.

6. After receiving the house rent, please accept the acknowledgment..

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