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Find the rental house online

Want to rent the house? Want to change the area of ​​living? Certainly you have to burn quite a bit. Sun and rain should be carried out by the head of the house and the para By doing so, how many days will meet the desired home, it is not …

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11 insurance companies got approval

The organization’s member Fazlul Karim told  that the approval was given at the meeting of the Board of Directors of IDRA on Thursday. Nine life insurance companies and two general insurance companies are being allowed to run 11 new insurance companies. Fazlul Karim said that approval of the registration of …

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The world’s most expensive bike

A new electric motorcycle was shown in the consumer electronics show at the Consumer in Las USA. Carbon fiber frames have been used for the first time in the history of motor vehicles, like a bike and a motorcycle. To get the new electric motorcycle, the customer will have to …

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Yellow Khan and see Magic in an empty stomach

Whether it is cooking or silver ornaments, the pair of haludera matching fair. But do you know as a yellow medication works great? Raw yellow will keep you away from many diseases, if you wake up in the morning and eat a little raw yellow with honey in the stomach, …

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Bubli is giving up acting on Shakib

Shakib Khan is getting increasingly distant day by the actress Shabnam Bubli’s The situation has reached the stage that the heroine has almost stopped speaking to King Khan. And these have been recently done due to Shakib Khan’s very high’ to Apu Biswas and Abraham Khan. Afterwards the news came …

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Amir Khan took full responsibility for failure

This years long awaited movie Thugs of Hindustan Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starring in the movie.. the audience was very much expected. But after the release, the movie failed to attract the critics. As a result, it was in the face of the box office.. Amir was present at …

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