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Bubli is giving up acting on Shakib

Shakib Khan is getting increasingly distant day by the actress Shabnam  The situation has reached the stage that the..

heroine has almost stopped speaking to And these have been recently done due to Shakib Khan’s  high interest’ to Apu Biswas and Abraham Khan…

Afterwards, the news came out that Shakib Khan’s new picture was also dropped. Pictures of produced by Shakib  No new offer in hand. The TV presenter, who has been fascinated by Shakib Khan, has lost interest in acting on all .

A source close to Bubli said, if this happens, then Shabnam Bubali will give up acting. Go back to the television media However, he did not make the final decision in this regard. Everything is now dependent on how Shakib Khan used to be with him.

After the secret marriage of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, Apu Biswas left behind. And at this opportunity, Bubli came forward in front of Shakib’s hand. After one, Shakib Khan came to the cinema with the discussion. But if Apu Biswas did not accept Bubli, they would be separated.

But later it was cut off. Suddenly Abraham Khan Joy. All forgotten Shakib Khan is coming to victory if he gets the opportunity. He is spending time with her. In that the relationship is good with Apu Biswas…

And you can not accept the relation Bubli He does not want to be so interested in Shakib Khan Apu or victory. But

Shakib is not taking the objection to this issue. Now he is the first to win the boy.

And the relationship is bitter with Shakib Khan and Bubbliker.

Shakib Khan decided to drop Bubli from the film at one stage. However, everyone knows  who wants to take Jaya Ahsan to the film, director Kazi Hayat. But the real thing is that the producer and director of such suggestions gave Shakib Khan himself.

This is not the end of the guise, Shakib Khan with Bubbli has become uncertain whether to make the movie that he had announced as ‘Priyatma’. And if you make a picture, there is no guarantee that Bubli will be the heroine in that movie.

Shubham Bubli is making a difficult time for all. but there is no other work at the moment. The film that was supposed to be played with Shakib Khan also became uncertain. Bubbli thinks something new to be forced. Any time he tells he will not be surprised…

However, Shakib Khan is no more Shahab Khan fans. They are also seeking again that the King Khan family will

survive. A happy child like Maya a child is born to his happy parents However, there must be waiting for a few more days for..

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