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Bubli decided indain why?

Shabnam Babli is acting in the new two films. Heroine Bubbli has decided to change the previous decision instead of acting in the movie. Earlier, Boseyi, the famous hero of the movie, said that he would not be acting in two films earlier. Among them, the name of a movie is ‘Kalpit’, the other is ‘Boshiri-2’.

Currently Bubli is shooting the film ‘Chalpit’ directed by Shahin Suman. ‘Bossiri-2’ will begin shooting in the next few days. In contrast to the pictures, Shakib Khan is opposite to him.

Shabnam Babli said, “When the movie was scheduled to be shot in ‘Chalpit’, it was about to make another photo. So the name ‘Kalpit’ has not been agreed. Also, there was a problem with the story of the film. Now everything is working so well. ”

Regarding acting in ‘Bossiri Two’, she said, “The picture was talking about. I did not say it for personal reasons. Later, I thought I had got lots of love with ‘Boshigiri’, so I decided to act in..

The complaint of lack of professionalism has arisen several times over model and actress Sarah. It has been announced to ban him. They were reconstituted organizational arbitrations.

Model and actress Sarika Sabrina was banned on August 1 for the latest amateurs behavior. His work was banned for six months by organizing the television program producers association and organizational organization. At this time, no one can make any drama, commercials, and music videos about him.

After two months of declaration, the scandal broke. He apologized and gave a long status on his Facebook wall. In the emotional state, he wants unconditional apology for his mistake. But due to the organizational apologies, the status of the Television Program Producers Association and Performing Arts Association This apology has not been accepted and the restriction of Sarani has not been lifted, said Artier Sangha’s general secretary Ahsan Habib Nasim.

He told Jago News on Sunday, “It is very frustrating that Sarika has opened her problem through social networking and presented herself to everyone. We have repeatedly said that no personal belongings of artists should be shared by social media.

He also said, ‘Sariqa was declared organizationally banned. Not via Facebook If he is truly repentant, if he really wants to apologize, then he must also be organizationally. She has to give a letter to the Television Program Producers Association and the Artist Association. In the context of his letter, he will be seated and the next decision will be taken. There is no emotion here. ‘

Nasim further said, “Sarika has been working in the showbiz for a long time, a popular star. Congratulations on his return to work. We also hope that he will be busy again and again. But he will have to impose a ban imposed on him as per his constitutional organization. Hopefully, Sarika will take care of the matter and will take action accordingly.

Asked whether Sarsika will apologize organizationally, the actress said, ‘I want to return to work again. I will take action on all the inquiries. The misunderstanding that has been created will end.

On the 21st of this year, actress Shankar was about to go to Nepal on shooting of the film. Accordingly he also gave the saraca schedule. He has been given Tk 50,000 in advance fees, return tickets and drama screenplay. But later he cheated the schedule. As a result the producers were financially damaged. After returning from Nepal, he wrote a written complaint against the producer of the Producer Television Program Producers Association. Based on his complaint, the Television Program Producers Association and the Performing Arts Association did not receive any response from the registrar in various ways. It was decided to ban Sarikka by force.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, on September 23, in a post on Facebook, Sarika apologized, ‘It has been a difficult time in my life for the past few months. Everything has taken care of. Meanwhile, I was preparing to give my daughter to school. From next week he will go to school. Then again, maybe start shooting drama or commercials. Sorry, a five letter word. Today everyone is asking for forgiveness from the heart – family, friends, colleagues, to my well wishers. If you have hurt or did not know it, please forgive me. I was suffering from complications due to difficult situations and physical problems around me. But I agree, not all. I was not careful about myself, try to correct the mistakes as much as possible. The reason is not to end up learning, not to age. Remove old pain and start to rest all. We are all one.

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