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Before marrying Priyanka Nick is in love with these ten people

Priyanka and Nick Rokka were shocked on Saturday after having been dating several months together. priyanka 35 has been criticized for her relationship with the 25-year-old. They didprogram with the consent of two families without criticizing the critics.

But Priyanka was not the first love of American singer Nick Jonas as much as Priyanka did in the past.

In the past, there was a love relationship with more than one womans kkot ksd..

Prior to the relationship with Priyanka almost 10 people love Nick. Let’s see their identity.

1. Miley Cyrus At the age of she met Nick on a charity event, first meeting with Mike. Their relationship started from there. American singer, writer and actress Miley Nike’s first girlfriend In Premparva started, but in a year, in 2007, the relationship broke/

2. Selena Gomez: The second lady of Nick’s 25 year old Seleca was an American singer, actress and producer. Their relationship ended in 2009 i one year starting in 2008.

3. Delta Goodram: Priyanka is not the first to be in love with a big woman herself. The 10-year-old lovewoman, 33-year-old Australian writer and actress Delta Goodram, This relationship has not lasted longer. They were divided in February 2012.

4. Rita Ora did not accept Nick’s third girlfriend Rita Love’s relationship, but she said that they are very close to each other. But Nick. Ritter was kind of drunkenly He loved so much that he wrote a song about Rita. The song titled  Which was released in 2013, has been written by Rita and he also mentions Ritter’s name.

5. In 2012 Miss Universe’s title-winning American model Olivia Nike was the fifth lover. Olivia was in charge of the Miss Universe competition in 2013, where she got the first talk with Nick. After nearly two years of relationship ties, after Olivera’s departure in 2015 new equation in Instagram with Nick’s old girlfriend..

6. Kendall Genre: Nintendo22 year model Kendall Genre. Kendal profession model and television actress Their relationship began in 2015. The two of them, however, never open their mouths with their love.

7. Lily Collins: Lily Collins American actress and model. In an interview with UK Magazine, Nick himself admitted to his relationship with Lily. In February 2016 in California Ski Resort with Nick.

8. Kate Hudson: In the end of 2015 Nick is associated with the 14-year-old American actress, author and businessman, Kate, with Nick. also accepted the relationship of daughter to Nick. With the 39-year-old woman, at the Valentine’s Day in 2016, Nick is seen together in a romantic dinner..

9. Georgia Fawler: Nickel’s first meeting with New York’s 26-year-old Georgia Fowler was last year in an engagement party in November last year Although their relationship did not last long.

10. Madeline Burrers: In January of January 2014Critics Choice Awards ceremony, Nikk went to a romantic dinner

with a woman. Those women are Madeline. Since then the rumor spreads about their relationship. Still, they were seen together for dinner. But they repeatedly denied their relationship…

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