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Ayub Bachchu playings guitars now packed

Playing Ayub Bachchu – He is a legend of the music worl of Bangladesh. He is a guitarist and singer. He is none other than Ayub Bacchu. All of us crying to the country of the day suddenly did not return to the country.

This band starred with heart disease in his home this morning. Later, he was taken to the capital’s Square Hospital. He declared dead on Dec 10. The doctor declared him dead.

He spent most of his life in his favorite studio. Here he has done music practice. At the time of his death, he was stunned by the busy AB Kitchen.

Artists Ayub Bacchu AB Kitchen, who thousands of noon, evening and night. There are 67 guitars packed in hand with no one or two hands in the studio today. Dear guitars, drums, soundboxes, all of them should not be fluttering.

Ayub Bachchu does not tune the guitar in this studio. Day and night will not be united with music. As he was suddenly lost, the rhythm happened in the midst of the nearby people.

With the friend of Ayub Bachchu, Mohsin Khan Vardakant, Bachchu wanted many things He wanted to spread the sound of his guitar across the country and spread it abroad. He was with the guitar since the beginning. There was no co-operation in the first phase.

The musician preferred to play the guitar more during the studio. He did not reveal to anyone what was said in the lyrics, tunes and rhythms of inner press.

Ayub Bachchu’s Kitchen Manager Delwar Dulal said, “I knew there was a problem in him.” But never asked if he would have avoided.

Mohsin Khan said that if the government wants to save these things, we will all help.

He also dreamed of Ayub Bacchu at that time, the dream was to build an institute for musicians. But even if he gave a dream time, he could not even give the time for implementation. So the legend has gone away in time.

Note that legendary singer Ayub Bacchu born on 16 August 1962 in the city of Hajj, a mercenary of Chittagong City. His nickname Robin At the time of his death, he was 56 years old.

Meanwhile, the first namaz-e-janaza of Ayub Bachchu will be held in Dhanmondi on Friday and it will be known that the birth place will be buried in Chittagong on Saturday.

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