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As long as you point to your fingers

Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) said to Omar (R) one day, Omar will come in a Hajj when a servant comes, his name will

be Wais, his family will be, and the tribe will be black and his white color will be black. When he comes, ask Allah for

his blessings, O Ali, you too, Omar also, and know that even if the earth is filled by people like Wise, Omar and Ali

will not be able to equate one hair. But the main purpose of this message was to send a message to everyone.

Hadrat Umar and Hadrat Ali began to wonder that we were told to seek blessings from Allah through the voice!

Whereas we are the Companions and the Voice. Hazrat Mohammadsaid that Wais is serving his mother in

such a way that when he grows in Allah’s court, Allah can not accept his prayer / he accepts it. The main thing to

reach this message was to bow down to the parents and serve them.
Another narration says that Allah sent all the Jannatis to Paradise, but he kept Waayz at the door of ParadiseWais

said to Allah, “O Allah, all went to the garden, but I could not go, what would happen to me?” Then Allah said,

intercede for those people who are watching you in front of you, as long as you can point your finger, take everyone in the garden as far as possible.
The original word
Salat, fasting, Hajj, and Zakat are nothing but service to mother and father is one of the main acts of worship..


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