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Apu Biswas is going with whom to keep the boy

Rock Legend, popularly known musician James. Many singers and audiences in the country and abroad sang the song. On the other hand, ‘Dhaliud Quinn’ is a renowned artist named Apu Biswas. Besides the country there are numerous devotees of the expatriates. Now they are going to Singapore to the expatriate audience.

Keeping the boy on 14 October, going to Singapore with James ‘Dhaliud Quinn’ Apu Biswas They are going to go with Atique Hasan, Tamanna Promi, Afroza Belly, Shanta Jahan. Besides, organizers of Floy Faruk are going to the dance group.

Apu Biswas said that he will go to Singapore on October 13 from Singapore. On October 14, the Concerts will return to Dhaka on October 15. The Singapore-Bangladesh Society has organized the event. Besides the concerts, raffle draw will be organized in the ceremony..

The film is going to be the opposite of Dhaliud Superstar Shakib Khan, one time news presenter, Rodeela Paradise, Recently Shahjahan had been martyred a few days ago in a five-star hotel in the capital. He is the heroine of the film through this film.

However, before the film’s shooting starts, the movie stops due to unknown reasons. It’s heard, the new picture will start from Oct 21 or the work of ‘Shahhen Shah’. The film will be directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony.

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But before the work of the film, there was a storm of criticism surrounding Shakib’s new heroine. Three years ago, some pictures posted on Facebook have come to the forefront of rumors that Rosalay has started. In it, Shakib’s heroine, Rodeelake, has been called ‘fiance’.

In addition, on Facebook, some of the intimate photos of both of them also came in public. When asked about this, Rosela did not make any racket. The actress said, once Rohel was my boyfriend. The two had deep relationships. Afterwards it did not move much further.

But it was also true, we were about to be defeated. Everything was done in the family. We decided, we will get married. But after that the decision was taken away from the decision.

Rodela said, there was nothing to deny that I had a deep relationship with him. However, after 2016 we broke our relationship. There is no other contact with Rohel since then. I became busy with studies and research.

Everyone has a family, I also have. There is no such thing as hiding in a marriage. No one can hide it, but it can hide. Even if someone lied about this, then I have nothing to say.

Love is nothing new between heroes and heroes. Again, after marriage, many people got involved in the complex of love. The story of the three love stories presented in Bollywood are as follows:

1. Sridevi-Mithun: Sridevi is ahead of everyone from the secret. After marriage with Yogita Bali, Mithun-Sree Devi’s love affair begins It is also known that Mithun and Sridevi married secretly. After learning about this news, Mithun and Sridevi decided to break the relationship when Yogita Bali committed suicide. Later, Boney gave shelter to the house to help Mona Sridevi, Kapoor’s first wife. He did not know that another relationship between Sridevi and her husband was developing behind his back. Sridevi became pregnant After that, Mona and Boney decided to divorce.

2. Amitabh-Rakha: Amitabh-Rekha chemistry was amazing on Rupali screen. And this is the beginning of the impression of real life. The relationship between two people was made when the film ‘Do Anjaan’ was made. Even before that, Amitabh married Jaya Bhaduri. It is heard that, during the shooting photo shoot, Rekha’s girlfriend used to meet regularly in a bungalow.

This relationship became stronger during filming of Khas Paseena, Iman Dharam, Ganges Ki Sagunda, Mukaddar Ka Sikandar, Mr. Natarolal and Suhag. Jaya, who made this clear when it came to the ear, made the line clear. He said, in any case, he will not break the relationship with husband Amitabh and will not leave him. Then Silsila pictures turn the life of their life. In the film, the story of the lines, Amitabh and Zayyar Triangon love story emerged. After this film the relationship of the two people ended.

3. Kangana-Aditya: Shobija leaf headlines at one time was Aditya Pancholi and Kangana Prem Kahani. Aditya was involved in the love with many small Kangana Ranaut in the age, despite the wife Zarina Wab. But this actress, queen of Bollywood, left the relationship to beat Kangana and get involved in more than one relationship.

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