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Amir Khan took full responsibility for failure

This years long awaited movie Thugs of Hindustan Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starring in the movie.. the audience was very much expected. But after the release, the movie failed to attract the critics. As a result, it was in the face of the box office..

Amir was present at a ceremony yesterday. When asked about the Thugs of Hindustan, the actorI have tried, but I did not want to do anything I take this responsibility. I thank those who liked it. I know they are very few in –

On August 8, the Thagas of Hindustan was released on Diwali. But from the beginning negative comments about the movie were taken by viewers and critics. Though, on the first day, with the addition of several records, the movie earns only Rs 50.75 crores. Thugs of Hindustan broke the record of Bahubali-the congressional movie, earning the highest revenue on the first day in Hindi cinema history.

Then in just three day the movie was written in the 100 crore rupee income movie club. In the first three days, including Tamil and Telugu, its total income stood at Rs 105 crore. The movie earns about 137.60 crore rupees in the first seven days. Until the last news, the movie has earned Rs 150.32 sc..

The name of character Firangi in Thagas of Hindustan Besides, Amitabh Bachchan has appeared on the screen as the chief of the Thugs. The character of Katrina is named Suraiya. On the other hand Fatima Sana Sheikh’s character is named Jafira.

which was abated in 1928 The story has been written about him in the last decade. The search has been tightened. But no inscription was found.

It is known that the ship was named like the Titanic, which was also British. In the Lake Hernan of Canada, the rain falls in the face of a storm  16 people lost their lives. It is said that there were also some valuable items on this ship.

History expert Chris Kohl said, before Mansarov’s movement moved to Lake Ontario in 1928. That year, his ownership changed. Take the new owner to Lake Hunan. The name of the ship is replaced with it. Earlier, his name was Makasa

Manasu has been searching for the last 90 years in 1888 the ship made in Glasgow did not find it. Recently this ship was discovered in the depth of 200 feet of water near the Griffith Island in Ontario, with Kohl and his associate Maryman and Jerry..

It is known that there was no man or animal body found in Manasu But the carriage of the ship was found in a chest of 1927 in the right place. The ship was filled in cattle. Owner of these animals was Donald Wallace, the owner of thi certainly survived the accident

The car is very rare in the sinking t is reported that Kohl and his assistants However, the discovery of the remains of a man or a creature in the debris of the ship is mysterious they tell

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