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Ajay Kajals daughter Nisha has grown so much

Although the of Bollywood heroes and heroes are mostly fond of fame, Kajal Devgan want to keep their daughter away from the media. Kajal’s daughter Naisa andage never came to fame. However, seeing pictures of is understood that she is no less than her parents.

In this film, Kajal is seen to be holidaying in London with his daughter. She shared a beautiful picture her on Instagram, and I look forward to these wonderful that little girl has become a teenager. Although seeing Nais as Kajal, his smile will surely remind you…

Nisa loves to read and  She is a girl who seems to have matured over time. Even Ajay Devgn believes that Nisha is his biggest critic.

Nisa Devgan is no longer…

Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s daughter have grown up now. She entered the age oe girl and felt completely unaware of her new avatar. From this picture it is quite  that there is good relationship with her mother and father in Ness. You will be surprised to know that Niger has no desire to work in Bollywood.

Nisha is now a 15-year-old..

Daddy’s big critic

He may still be of his teenage age but never is left behind to keep his opinions about…

Kajal shared the pictures of his daughter very rarely in the social media

Yet we could collect 14 more pictures of Devgn’s daughter..

A rare picture of daughter at Instagram

Such as the picture. The relationship between mother and daughter is always sweet.

Some holiday photos

When mother makes a picture, she does not want to wear.

Do not think Nessa is very

She does not know how to wear less than a famous heroine.

Vaccine girl

Nisa knows that the photos of the Instagram are proof of how to make the family heritage bright.

Yet he does not forget to put up with his father in

She knows the right dress to read the correct fashion, so that the media can not forget to take pictures of her

Mother-girl restroom

It is quite clear that she loves to take pictures with her mother…

Look without makeup

Sometimes Nisa makes pictures with her mother without worries about how she looks

Parental Relations!!!!

It is clear that he has  shared a strong bond with the person he has seen with his father.

Ajay wants to hide him

They both know when to wear for the camera so that the picture will look bright.

From the picture above, it seems clear that the parents travel around and even shopping together.

Family time

The 15 year old girl loves to spend time with family members and we’ve got some family photographs for you.

In monochromatic

In this film the era  is sitting in his father’s lap and on the other hand, Naisa is busy pausing.

Although he has not planned to join Bollywood  the photograph taken on his beach looks like a movie shot.

Finally, he is standing beside his father until the camera …

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