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After marriage where will Ranbir and Deepika?

Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone one of Bollywood most popular celebrities, where will you stay after marriage

Ranbir Singh bought a flat in Bandra’s Mr Apartments in Mumbai. And aber is the oldest resident of this house.

Here the whole family is with him. Ranbir lives with his family on the sixth seventh and eighth floor. He bought a new

flat on the  floor of the same flat. In the meantime, this flat interior has finished. Like Deepika, Ranbir has decorated this flat. If anyone comments, they will

But now it is known that after marriage, Ranbir Singh is not coming to the flat floor of the fourth floor of the Dupika

Padukone. Replacing Deepika Padukone to the Old Flat Ranbir Singh Ranbir Singh, on behalf of the DNN, said that

after he is going to the flat of Deepika Padukone on the 26th floor of Prava Devi Apartment in south Mumbai.
Ranbir Singh will remain in.

Ranbir Singh said that he will be there for a while. Because of this, Deepika will be accompanied by her father Prakash Patukon, mother Ujhla Padukone and sister Anisha. But now at their home in Bengaluru on the occasion of

the marriage of their daughter, they went to their own home. They will stay there for a while after marriage. During this time, Deepika will be alone in that flat. Ranbir wants to give his wife full time after marriage.

long as the parents of Deepika do not return to Mumbai, she will be at the wife’s flat. After coming back to their own

flat. And they want to stay here in the coming days. Deepika Padukone’s flat at Prava Devi Apartment is worth 16 crores.
Deepika Padukone’s father’s house in Bangalore has already started the joy of marriage. There Nandi Puja was

organized. According to the Kannada tradition, before the marriage, Nandi will be worshiped by the bride and her

wishes. And if this is reported then it is full. Deepika Padukone also participated in Nandi Puja following the custom.

And on Sunday, Gayahlud’s ceremony was held in Mumbai’s Ranbir Singh’s house. The pictures of Gahihlud in

Instagram have been posted. It has been seen that Ranbir Singh, the exalted Ranveer Singh In one film, he is taking

photos with relatives in the face of a yellowish face standing in the balcony of the house. In another film, Ranbir is

seen dancing after wearing white Punjabi and red tilak.
On October 21, Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone jointly announced the date of their marriage in social media.

They wrote, “I am happy to share the blessings of the family, our wedding date has been finalized on 14 and 15

November. Thank you for our love for so many years. May you bless us in the new life. ‘

Indian media from various sources has learned that on November 14 and 15, the marriage of Ranbir Singh and

Deepika Padukone will be held in Lake Dambulla Villa in Italy. In Sindhi and Kannada, they will get married.

Deepika Padukone Saraisachi Mukherjee’s designed orange salwar and kurta. And ear in Kanabala

It has also been seen in the picture that Deepika, who is sitting under the head of worship, is lying down. The photo

caption says After the worship, guests ate the southern style after worship.

Many people comment on seeing pictures posted in social media after Nandi Pooja, Deepika’s look is more like the

joy of marriage. He told an Indian media about this: “As much as I’m encouraged to sign in any new film

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