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About four months after the Martin pontoon started shipping

After 171 days of suspension, the traffic movement started on Teknaf-Saint Martin’s route from Friday morning (October 26th). On 8th May, the local administration stopped the movement of the shipping vessel on the waterway. On Thursday, the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) Teknaf coordinator Mohammad Hossain confirmed the information.
According to BIWTA sources, considering the tourists, three tourist vessels have been allowed to move to the Teknaf-Saint Martinin route by March 30 next year. The ships are Kearny Sindbad, Kaye Cruz and Dine and Bay-Crus.

Traveler ship Carey Cruise and Dine and BayCross will leave Teknaf for St. Martin on Friday (October 26th). And on Saturday (October 27th), the Syrian ship of Kearney will also move.

Teknaf Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) said. Rabiul Hassan said, the ship will again move on Teknaf-Saint Martin’s waterway with the permission of BIWTA.

He also said that the directions of the Upazila administration have been ordered to list prices of all the hotels and cottages of St. Martin’s, including hotels and cottagIn addition, the ship authorities are instructed not to transport additional passengers and hang up the list of fare. At the time of the tide, the chairman of the Union Parishad has been asked to campaign against the tourists so that St. Martin does not come to the beach.

In the meanwhile, local and district administration stopped ship movement on Teknaf-Saint Martin’s route from May 8, after the sea became fierce..

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About four months after the Teknaf-Saint Martin pontoon started shipping

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