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A sense about life insurance corporation

Insurance profession and private thinking
Babu Ajit Chandra,
My career started in the insurance world as a field officer in Jeevan Bima Corporation. Our favorite Bangladesh in the war of liberation was made in the war of liberation. Free homeland will be built.

Bangladesh will be rehabilitated. The need to speed up the speed of the national economy by moving back the pakistani companies, the bank boom companies again.

In 1972 the then government decided to make five corporations with all non-resident insurance companies.
On 8th August, 1972,

the power of the President constituted the National Insurance Corporation Tista Insurance Corporation, Surma Bima Corporation and Rupsa Bima Corporation and formed five corporations.

In order to further enhance the insurance activities, the government on May 14, 1973, canceled the previous 5 corporation and formed Jiban Bima Corporation and General Insurance Corporation.

In this way, the only government insurance company Jiban Bima Corporation in the life insurance world. During the Pakistan period there were 49 insurance companies. Jiban Bima Corporation started its journey on 14th May 1973

with the help of 37 life insurance companies with their assets and loybitions. In 1973 the life insurance corporation’s LifeFund was only 21.83 crore taka.JBS Assets  Liabilities were 15.70 crore taka.

Jiban Bima Corporation has continued to work in the life insurance field in the decade of the seventies and 1980s.

Although there was also Aliko, there was another company named Post Life Life Insurance. In India life insurance and in Bangladesh, life insurance companies were once meant to be JBCs.

Apart from being a government organization There is a tendency in saving insurance among people who are insurance companies. This institution makes people interested to be an insurance customer. In 1985

when I joined JBS, I felt that insurance insurance is a potential profession. I am sure that there will be rapid development of insurance in this country.

Diversified Experience in Life Insurance Corporation
In the 1970s and 1980s there was no idea about the comprehensive population insurance. A part of the educated class was aware.

because Aliko was an American or a foreign company, many people took more importance to Aliko than JBS.

Especially educated businessmen and employers would have preferred more to Aliko. Ali maintains a high standard in their activities.

Their office management, advanced training, planned programs and everything could be noticed in a modernity.
Benefits of life insurance
1. Savings are safe and profitable by insurance.

2. Life Insurance Premium Income Tax Free

3. Insurance helps people to attain success.

4. Life Insurance Assistant to deal with emergency situations in the family.

5. Due to premature death the claims of insurance for the family of helpless families have played a role like a friend.

However, I got acquainted with five types of schemes or plans in the Life Insurance Corporation. I got familiar with term insurance, three installments insurance, pension insurance, child insurance, insurance plans of these different names. We used to give children insurance as education insurance for boys and marriage insurance for girls.

It’s good to say that there was no small insurance at that time in JBS. We used to work on single insurance. The sum insured was 30,000 or 50,000 rupees for most policies. Many people used to have long-term policies. Annual,

Seasonal or Quarterly premiums were determined according to the insurance figure, expiration and age. There is no difference between the rules and the rules of the present.  is in the past and is currently almost the same. There was

no monthly installment in single insurance. There is no question of weekly installment. After the submission and

examination of the full premium office, the receipt of the money received from the Central Office or Regional Office after the end of the month would be available.

Then there was a rule, premium money can not be handled. One money can not be spent from the premium. I did not see anyone appointing a field officer under the side of the  AM, people came to the Harhamsa insurance profession. Simply put, at that time, educated people worked in field labels. People of the educated class were also insurance customers. As a result, the irregularities in the insurance field were not there,
As already mentioned, ATM Jafarullah Chowdhury taught at the beginning of my life. I came to this profession by calling upon him and being inspired by him.

Finding the Client is difficult at the beginning but by Zafar Ullah Sir, with the utmost support and acquiring the techniques from him I went ahead in success.

Actually two types of job Occupation and professions. Occupations are scheduled work and fixed salary. On the other hand, the proposition is Unlimited work, unlimited income and services.

The service is scheduled for service but the service is not scheduled for occupation. Removal of unemployment, saving people, speeding up the economy, and overall I like insurance profession. It seems to be the best career.

Various successes of life insurance
Life awareness was not so much in people than 25 years ago. There were many social barriers, blind beliefs.

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