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A lion has followed him, he is afraid of life

A person was walking through the jungle. Suddenly a lion followed him, he started running in fear of death and saw some water and saw a watery well.

He closed his eyes and jumped. When he read, he saw a hanging rope and grabbed it and stayed on it.

Upon looking at the lion he was waiting for him to eat. Looking down, the huge snake was waiting for his return.

Seeing more danger on danger, a white and a black elephant wanted to bite his rope.


In such a situation, he did not understand what to do
Suddenly there was a beech on the tree adjacent to the well

Did he think that he had a finger on the honeycomb and he used to lick it, the honey was so happy that he forgot about the tiger hanging on top of the moment, the snake bog down on the rope, and forgot about it.
As a result, his danger remained unimaginable

Emam Ghazali while describing the story, said

And the white elephant is the day and the black elephant is the night which is constantly pushing our life down to death.

** And the beehive is the world, for which to look for little sweets, our horoscopes forget the terrible danger.

#Therefore let’s get the world and forget the hereafter.
Everyday prayers in the daily life…

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