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7 glasses of water for two glasses of water

One person came to the restaurant and asked for two glasses of water. But when the worker came to the bay, the restaurant worker his eyes were razor-sharp. Why this will happen or not If two glasses of water serve a few lakhs of money! Then it is a surprise to say that it is a matter of surprise..

The incident took place on Saturday in a restaurant in Greenville’s Super Dogs in North Carolina in the United States.

Indian media, Ananda Bazar wrote in a report that after serving two glasses of water to the person in the restaurant, the employee saw Alaina Kasta as Bakhshis who was kept in the bills for about 7 lakh 36 thousand taka A small note has been kept with. Write, ‘Thank you for the delicious water.’

Alaina Castler could not believe this at first. He thought that the person might have left the money wrongly. Or someone has fun with her.

But the money was actually given to Alaina Castler. And who gave him the name Mr. Beast She is popular YouTube

Alaina Kuster, a restaurant victim, was surrised hat this tip was very important to me. This is unthinkable. Because most of the peole who work on the Super Dogs are the CollegeParua. Alaina Caste told her Facebok page that everyone would share this money togther.

Meanwhile, the Dog Dogs Restaurant sared photos of their activist Alaina Caster on Facebook. In this, five-fifths majority of the famous YouTube Mr. Beast are praised. Someone wrote, ‘Such people arealso. Someoe else wrot. Beast is a liberal man..

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