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5 ways to increase memory retention

With age, people’s thinking, memory retardation decreases. It’s a great place to go at a time. Think of it, you can not remember anything. Phone number, collegiate name, even favorite friend’s birthday It is afraid to think of it, is not it? But truth is, you have to read in such situations at one time of life. But this change happens before the age, but it is not desirable for anyone. Studies have shown that some habits help in increasing brain efficiency. If these habits can be mastered, the brain’s excellence will increase.

1. Grouping and related words
Find another word whenever you’re familiar with something new or learn something new. The word you are already familiar with. If you are familiar with a new person, remember the name of a familiar person to remember that name. You will not see the future forgetting his name. Remember to break the big number in order to remember the phone number, such as remembering the number of 11 numbers by 3 numbers 3 numbers.

2. Regular exercise and healthy food
Scientifically proven exercise enhances the efficiency of the brain. Each time you exercise, a new cell is created in your brain. The brain is the easiest and best way to increase brain efficiency. As our body needs energy, as well as the need for energy of the brain. We all know fruits, vegetables, fish are beneficial for health. Fruits, vegetables with omega-3, nutmeg, beans, spinach, sweet pumpkin seeds, marine fish, colorful fruits, green tea etc. help to increase the efficiency of the brain.

3. Wake up
Many of us do not care about sleeping. But the role of sleep is healthy to keep body and mind healthy. Dotoxification act of sleep brain During sleep, our cell rearranges cells and eliminates poisonous substances. Try to go to sleep between 9am and 10pm. Midnight is the best time to sleep.

4. Meditation
Meditation is one of the most important ways to increase memory. Researchers at the University of Calfonia researched among 48 students and found that meditation increased brain excellence. They divided the students into two groups, one of them made nutrition classes and another took meditation. At the end of the class, they see who have meditated their memory has increased more than others.

5. Stay away from stress
Stress is responsible for destroying your memory. Stress also destroys long-term memory as well as destroying your temporary memory. The easy and effective way to reduce stress is to take long breaths. It keeps the brain active by keeping blood circulation normal in the brain.

Along with these practices, abstain from smoking, alcoholism. Practice regular book reading, it will keep you away from negative thoughts. Stop using Calculator to make small calculations. Dependence on an electronic device or calculator makes our brain lazy.

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