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30 people died after stealing petrol

At least 30 thieves have died due to fire in a petrol and fire in the pipeline. A pipeline fire broke out in Nigeria to steal petrol
At 30 thieves died

The incident happened on Friday (October 12th) in the country’s southeastern city of Aaba, Al Jazeera said on condition of anonymity.

Namadi Tochukuyu is survived by this incident. He said that the accident occurred on Friday (October 12th) at around one and a half hour. More than 30 people were burnt to death

A security official said on condition of anonymity that more than 30 people were burned to the spot before the rescue workers reached the scene. They were admitted to the city and outside hospitals.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) spokesman Andu Ughamandu told AFP, “I can not say the exact number of dead.” But it is certain that they hiked the harcourt port refinery from the hiking while trying to hijack the petrol.

Note that Nigeria is the largest producer and exporter of Africa. Crude oil and petrol are taken from one place to another via a pipeline network. Often these pipelines holes in oil and petrol cases There are also incidents of explosion during the pipeline holes.

Earlier, in 1998, more than a thousand people died in a blast in Niger Delta. In 2006, at least 269 people died in the blast during the pipeline.

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