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2700 people of unions will get free internet!

wow! The work of connectivity to provide high speed internet service in 2,700 unions across the country has been completed.

Now. if all concerned parties agree it will be possible to provide internet connectivity in rural areas from the villages.

Internet service providers will provide free internet services for 3 months in the respective areas if the transmission is not spent on the bandwidth.

In spite of this, initiatives have been taken to reach broadband internet in the unions of the country under the Infosys-3 project of ICT department of the government.

This work has been done by the ICT Division and the Nationwide National Telecommunication Transmission Network NTTN a network of government departments in the PPP model.

It is learned that the work of connectivity has already been completed in 2,700 unions of the country.

A meeting was held recently in the ICT section on this service. The leaders of ICT Division, NTTN Institute and ISP Association were present in the meeting…

It is learned from the sources that State Minister for ICT Department Zunaid Ahmed Palak called for free 3 months free internet service.

Although the ISPs responded to this call NTTN has not yet responded positively. If the NTTN responds positively, the ISPs have expressed interest in reaching the internet services at all the necessary places from the respective unions.

The sources said, the State Minister said that the ISPs will give Last Mile Connectivity’ (from delivery point to final users for this service. This announcement will no longer be served to NTTN organizations..

Asked for the information, ISPAB general secretary Imdadul Haque said,

then we will provide 3 months free internet service on ‘test run basis. We will deliver internet services to local schools, colleges, madrasas, government offices..

Imdadul Haque said, if the test runs or experimental use succeeds they will be ready to serve fully. He said that there are no problems at the time of test run the complexities can be determined..

According to the sources 20 GBPs Giga Bits Per Second bandwidth in the unions are now ready.

From here you will be able to serve ISPs with capacities. After providing free services, the amount of money spent on the use of the internet is still not finalized.

It is also important to determine the price of the internet that the concerned people It is always demanded that the internet at the cost of the village Dhaka.

It’s going to be implemented whether the analysis is going on.

What can be the obstacles to the internet at the cost of Dhaka at the cost of the people. In those cases…

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