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Why life insurance?

There are many smogs in life insurance in our country, there are many confusions. Many people think that it is only for a little help in the growing age. Someone else thinks that, after 10, 15 or 18 years, the amount of money that will be paid when the expiration …

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Caution of staying home

Dhaka: You have a home. Think of the nesting is empty, let it be rented without leaving it. There will be some money available in it. So he can not be rented home. If you rent a house without knowing the details, you may sometimes have to face any problem …

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Find the rental house online

Want to rent the house? Want to change the area of ​​living? Certainly you have to burn quite a bit. Sun and rain should be carried out by the head of the house and the para By doing so, how many days will meet the desired home, it is not …

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Customers are turning away from Grameenphone!

Grameenphone, the country’s largest mobile phone operator has been at risk since the launch of mobile number portability or MNP on 1 October last year. The operator has lost the number of subscribers since the launch of the service in the past four months October 018-January 2015. According to a …

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Facebook app can be banned on iPhone

Often criticizing Facebook Apple Chief Executive Officer CEO Tim Cook Most of the time he criticizes the violation of the privacy of the users personal information. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gives the answer to his criticism in the cold. Zuckerberg criticized Apple! According to her complaint Apple has always …

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2700 people of unions will get free internet!

wow! The work of connectivity to provide high speed internet service in 2,700 unions across the country has been completed. Now. if all concerned parties agree it will be possible to provide internet connectivity in rural areas from the villages. Internet service providers will provide free internet services for 3 …

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